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Islamic Financial Stability Forum

2013: Doha
Financial Reforms in Response to the Global Financial Crisis: Lessons for Islamic Finance in Ensuring Financial Stability
By: H.E. Dr Zeti Akhtar Aziz
Governor, Bank Negara Malaysia

2012: Jeddah
Developing A Platform For Consumer Protection In The Islamic Financial Services Industry
By: Dr Nik Ramlah Mahmood
Deputy Chief Executive, Securities Commission Malaysia

2012: Manama
Crisis Management in the Islamic Financial Services Industry
By: Paul Koster
Chief Executive, Dubai Financial Services Authority

2012: Manama
Development of Effective Insolvency Regimes for Islamic Financial Institutions
By: Vijay Tata
Chief Counsel of the Finance, Private Sector and Infrastructure Practice Group, The World Bank

2011: Kuala Lumpur
Lender of Last Resort in Islamic Banking
By: Dr. Halim Alamsyah
Deputy Governor, Bank Indonesia

2011: Kuala Lumpur
Implementation of an Islamic Deposit Insurance System for the Islamic Financial Services Industry
By: Md Khairuddin Hj Arshad
Chief Operating Officer, Malaysia Deposit Insurance Corporation

2011 : Amman
Macroprudential Surveillance and the Role of Supervisory and Regulatory Authorities
By: H.E. Shahid Hafiz Kardar
Governor, State Bank of Pakistan

2010 : Jeddah
Liquidity Management in Insitutions Offering Islamic Financial Services
By: Daud Vicary Abdullah, CIFP
Global Islamic Finance Leader, Deloitte

2010: Khartoum
Capacity Building in the Financial Sector: Strategies for Strengthening Financial Institutions
By: Professor Volker Niehaus
Former President University of Marburg, Germany and IFSB Consultant

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