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Category:IFSB-FIS Workshop
Name:[EVE00629] FIS Workshop on Takāful for IPRSA Türkiye (Online)

As part of IFSB's objectives in facilitating implementation of IFSB Standards, the IFSB Secretariat consistently offers capacity development initiatives including FIS Workshops for IFSB members.

This Facilitating the implementation of IFSB Standards (FIS) Workshop is dedicated to the the Insurance and Private Pension Regulation and Supervision Agency (IPRSA) of Türkiye  and will be conducted virtually on 19 to 23 June 2023, covering Takāful segment.


The workshop will cover the following standards and practices in some other jurisdictions.

  • IFSB-20:  Key Elements in the Supervisory Review Process (SRP)
  • IFSB-25:  Disclosures to Promote Transparency and Market Discipline for Takaful/Retakaful Undertakings
  • IFSB-27:  Core Principles for Islamic Finance Regulation [Takaful Segment] (CPIFR-Takaful)
Start Date:12/07/2023End Date:14/07/2023
Venue Name:Virtual
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Disclaimer: Please be advised that the above mentioned agenda points are tentative and that the IFSB reserves the right to make any necessary amendments/changes to the programme without prior notification.

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