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Core Principles for Islamic Finance Regulation
(Financial Market Infrastructures)
(Jan 2020 - Current)

Mr. Abdulrahman Alhussayen – Capital Market Authority, Saudi Arabia
Deputy Chairperson
Mr. Ömer Çekin - Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency, Turkey

Members Organisation
Mr. Yahya Aleem ur RehmanIslamic Development Bank
Mr. Ali Mohamed AliCentral Bank of Bahrain
Dr. Seyed Milad HossainiSecurities and Exchange Organization of Iran
Mr. Justus AgotiCapital Market Authority, Kenya
Mr. Mohd Lukman MahmudSecurities Commission, Malaysia
Dr. Rizwan MalikAccounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions (AAOIFI)**
Mr. Menelik MillerCayman Islands Monetary Authority**
Mr. Tahar E. ChaouchInternational Islamic Liquidity Management Corporation**
Mr. Ismail DadabhoyInternational Islamic Financial Market**

** non IFSB-Members

* Names in alphabetical order of the country the member’s organisation represents, except international organisations, which are listed first.

Mr. Peter Casey, United Kingdom

Project Manager:
Mr. Mohamad Farook Naveer Mohideen

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