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29 November 2023
IFSB Joins Islamic Finance Infrastructure Organisations to Make Declaration on Islamic Sustainable Finance

28 November 2023
The IFSB High-level Global Sustainability Forum Demonstrates Global Commitment to Strengthen the Development of Sustainable Finance through Regulatory and Policy Initiatives

15 November 2023
IFSB & CBUAE High-level Global Forum to Focus on Sustainability-related Risks, Opportunities and Policy Initiatives

9 November 2023
16th IFSB Summit to Announce New 2024 Dates

9 November 2023 (Also available in Arabic)
IFSB and AAOIFI Conclude the Joint Work on Sharīʻah Governance and Agree on the Way Forward

30 October 2023
The IFSB Disseminates Prudential and Structural Islamic Financial Indicators (PSIFIs) Data up to Q2 2023 for the Islamic Banking Segment in Member Countries

4 September 2023
Islamic Financial Services Board Announces 16th IFSB Global Summit in Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam

14 August 2023
The IFSB Conducts the Inaugural IFSB Consultative Group Meeting

16 August 2023
IFSB Successfully Concluded its 42nd Council Meeting and Side Events

16 August 2023
Banque Centrale de Djibouti to Helm the IFSB Chairmanship for 2024

16 August 2023
The IFSB Council Adopts Technical Note 5 (TN-5) on Sharīʻah-compliant Liquidity Risk Management Tools

16 August 2023
IFSB Admits Two Organisations into its Membership

16 August 2023
IFSB 20th Anniversary Symposium: Celebrating Two Decades of Advancing Islamic Finance

15 August 2023
The IFSB issued the Thirteenth Edition of its Annual Flagship Publication: The Islamic Financial Services Industry (IFSI) Stability Report 2023

14 August 2023
IFSB Organised Capacity Building Workshops in Saudi Arabia

14 August 2023
IFSB 3rd CEO's Forum Unveils Insights on Navigating the Future of Islamic Finance

13 June 2023 (Also available in Arabic)
Memorable Occasion of Appreciation and Awards: The Beginning of IFSB’s 20th Anniversary Celebration

31 May 2023
The IFSB Disseminates PSIFIs Data along with Detailed Financial Statements (DFS) up to Q4 2022 for Islamic Banking Systems in Member Countries

22 May 2023
Islamic Financial Services Board and Islamic Development Bank Institute Launch Ten-Year Framework and Strategies Final Review for Islamic Financial Services Industry

30 March 2023 (Also available in Arabic)
The IFSB Celebrates 20 Years of Growth and Excellence

29 March 2023 (Also available in Arabic)
The IFSB issues the Exposure Draft of the Conduct of Business Supervision in Takāful Undertakings (ED-29)

22 March 2023 (Also available in Arabic)
The IFSB issues the Exposure Draft of the Revised Guiding Principles on Corporate Governance for Institutions Offering Islamic Financial Services (Banking Segment) (ED-30)

15 March 2023
The IFSB Organised Capacity Building Workshop for Central Bank of Oman and Facilitating the Implementation of IFSB Standards (FIS) Workshop for Capital Market Authority (CMA) and Oman’s Market Players

8 March 2023
The IFSB Organises its 6th Executive Programme Effective Regulation and Supervision of Takāful Institutions

8 February 2023
The IFSB Disseminates PSIFIs Data for 2022Q3 on Islamic Banking Systems in Member Countries

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